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WEBINAR - World Oral Health Day (WEB187) - Brought to by Sensodyne & Parodontax

Date: 19 March 2024

Time: 19:00 - 20:30

Speaker: Ms Christine De Sousa

TOPIC: A Happy Mouth is: The synergistic link between great oral care and excellent health


Periodontitis and gingivitis are infectious diseases characterised by the destruction of the oral cavity. This infection has been linked to several systemic illnesses, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, renal failure, preterm babies, etc.,

This lecture aims to link the importance of good oral health with excellent overall health.

"Oral Health is the vital link to overall health."

The desired outcome of this lecture is to ensure that oral health care practitioners can identify and enable the patient to follow a strict oral health care regime to achieve overall health and provide clinical management strategies to the patient.

1 Clinical CPD Point


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