Please join us at the prestigious Gala Dinner on

Saturday 26th August 2023 at the

SADA Dental & Oral Health Congress and Exhibition

Cape Town


Please note dress code: Formal

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SADA takes this opportunity to say an enormous Thank You to our


Registration Partner
  • Wright Millners

    Visit Wright Millners at stand 2, 5, 6, 28, 29, 30, 31, 34, 38, 46, 47, 60

    Wright Millners, importers and distributors of dental equipment and consumables was founded in 1903. The company acquired the largest dental company in South Africa – P Grant Smith – in 1986, which made it the largest dental company on the African Continent. In April 1998 Wright Millners consolidated its services and formally joined forces with P Grant Smith under the banner of Millners Dental Suppliers. Over the last 117 years, the group has become synonymous with service excellence. Its reputation for keeping abreast of the latest technologies and personalized service has led to the company's success. Wright Millners employs more than 168 personnel and has fully equipped service departments and trained engineers to ensure all products are serviced and repaired. Products encompass the full range of dental equipment and consumables that are distributed nationally and exported to sub-equatorial Africa. Network Wright Millners has branches in the following major cities: Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban, and Johannesburg. Representation More than 18 retail sales representatives call on virtually every dentist in South Africa and Namibia. In addition, there are specialist representatives covering hospitals, private clinics, and all the University teaching hospitals. Specialist product managers cover government, laboratory, and equipment divisions.

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Titanium Partner
  • Sensodyne

    Visit Sensodyne at stand

    We are both the #1 dentist recommended and the #1 bestselling brand for sensitive teeth, in many countries around the world, trusted by millions of people. Why? The answer is simply because our range of Sensodyne® toothpastes are proven to relieve the symptoms of sensitive teeth and provide long lasting protection with twice daily brushing. Our Vision We're dedicated to creating a future where every life is sensitivity-free

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Platinum Partner
  • Philips Sonicare

    Visit Philips Sonicare at stand 10

    The difference is clear, Philips Sonicare's unique technology drives fluid deep between your teeth and along the gum line for visibly cleaner teeth, healthier gums, and a whiter smile. #No.1 recommended sonic electric toothbrush brand worldwide Philips Sonicare toothbrushes operate with sonic technology. It moves the brush head with up to 62.000 movements per minute, creating micro bubbles that support cleaning between teeth. All Sonicare toothbrushes are clinically proven to deliver a superior clean compared to a manual toothbrush while being more gentle on teeth and gums. That’s why dental professionals worldwide recommend Philips Sonicare.

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  • Platinum Exhibitor (2)

    Platinum Exhibitor (2)

    Vacant and available to interested Trader

    Platinum Exhibitor (2)
    Vacant and available to interested Trader
    Contact Marilize Janse van Rensburg or 083 339 8911
    Click here to Reserve registration:

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Gold Partner
  • Colgate

    Visit Colgate at stand 3

    Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection toothpaste was launched in 1969 and is now better than ever. Protect teeth from cavities with Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Toothpaste. Oral Care for Kids. Confident Smile. Healthy & Stronger Teeth. Healthy Disease-Free Gums.

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  • GEMS

    Visit GEMS at stand 2

    The beginning of GEMS was a historic moment when in 2002, the Cabinet approved a framework policy on a restricted (closed) medical scheme for further development by an interdepartmental working group (departments of Public Service and Administration, National Treasury, Health, Education, Correctional Services and SAPS). The approved framework policy centered on the principles of equity, efficiency, and differentiation: Equity is where employees have equal access to the most extensive set of equal basic benefits under equitable remuneration structures, subject to affordability. Efficiency regarding the costs and delivery of benefits. Differentiation, where employees choosing more extensive cover have equal access to higher benefits subject to their needs. Government's commitment to an equitable and affordable medical scheme. The Cabinet gave the development and implementation of GEMS intense consideration, relying on substantial research and data analyses. The implementation of GEMS is a positive step that positions the government as an employer of choice that truly cares for the health and well-being of its employees. Who is GEMS? GEMS was registered on 1 January 2005 specifically to meet the healthcare needs of government employees. We offer six excellent healthcare benefit options, namely Tanzanite One, Beryl, Ruby, Emerald Value, Emerald, and Onyx. Our goal is to help public service employees and their families to get the best possible healthcare at the most affordable rate.

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  • Gold Exhibitor (3)

    Gold Exhibitor (3)

    Vacant and available to interested Trader

    Gold Exhibitor (3)
    Vacant and available to interested Trader
    Contact Marilize Janse van Rensburg or 083 339 8911
    Click here to Reserve registration:

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  • Gold Exhibitor (4)

    Gold Exhibitor (4)

    Vacant and available to interested Trader

    Gold Exhibitor (4)
    Vacant and available to interested Trader
    Contact Marilize Janse van Rensburg or 083 339 8911
    Click here to Reserve registration:

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Silver Partner
  • 4D Digital (Pty) Ltd

    Visit 4D Digital (Pty) Ltd at stand 50

    4Ddigital is a team of vibrant dental professionals with a vision of the future of digital dentistry. We have a diversely skilled team in both clinical and laboratory environments giving you, the customer, peace of mind when wrapping your head around the digital solutions we have to offer you. We have a large world-renowned range of digital dentistry solutions from chair to laboratory keeping you up to date on the latest and greatest digital advances while customizing and simplifying them to your specific needs. Let us accompany you on your digital journey.

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  • AA Dental & Medical Suppliers

    Visit AA Dental & Medical Suppliers at stand 49

    AA Dental & Medical Suppliers supply high-quality consumables at highly competitive prices!

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  • Access Dental

    Visit Access Dental at stand 27

    Founded by Roy and Carol Marshall who both retired in 2016, Access Dental has been active in the dental market for over 20 years. During this time we have continued to grow whilst maintaining our core strategy of selling top-quality products. Gavin Marshall joined the business in March 2009 at which time the Access Dental Coastal branch was opened. This placed us in a better position to expand our distribution into the coastal regions including Western Cape, Southern Cape, Eastern Cape, and KwaZulu Natal. Lesley Marshall joined the business on a full-time basis at the end of 2015 to add to its strategic management capacity. Our business approach is, and always has been, relationship-orientated and is underpinned by top-quality products, service, and attention to detail. When Roy and Carol Marshall retired in 2016 the head office was moved to Brackenfell in Cape Town. Our head office includes a training center where we regularly present high-quality CPD training events. We still maintain a branch sales office in Roodepoort Gauteng. As specialists in the field of endodontics, we are proud to represent FKG Dentaire (RaCe, Totalfill, and XP-Endo), Vista Dental, Obtura Spartan, Produit Dentaire (MAP System) and HEINE (Binocular Loupes and Magnification). Our business is by no means limited to endodontics and we are also proud to represent 3M, GSK, Transcodent KOMET, DeveMed, and our two brand new agencies Perfection Plus out of the UK and Dentonics (MasterDent) out of the USA. With our two new agencies, we are now able to offer excellent value whilst still maintaining our top-quality positioning. We are here to make your life easier – Growing by Reputation.

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  • BlancOne

    Visit BlancOne at stands 11, 12, 15, 16

    Totally in line with this regulation, BlancOne introduces for the first time a line of cosmetic whitening treatments combining the safety of low hydrogen peroxide percentages and the competence of dental professionals together with immediate results, absence of side effects, and the low prices sought after by your patients. Thanks to the BlancOne technology, whitening becomes a cosmetic treatment available to all, with excellent results in just a few minutes gentle to the enamel and the gingival tissues; the BlancOne is the only cosmetic in-office treatments that do not require gingival barriers, desensitizing, and remineralizing agents.

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  • Clear Correct

    Visit Clear Correct at stand

    What does it take to move teeth? It’s simple, really: all it takes is a little bit of pressure applied strategically, and, most importantly, consistently. Our aligners feature two great innovations that come together to ensure consistent, accurate pressure: our trimline, and our proprietary ClearQuartz™ tri-layer aligner material.

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  • Confi-dent Agncies

    Visit Confi-dent Agncies at stand 51, 54

    Confi-dent Agencies began in 1992 and has grown into one of the best-known independent dental supply companies in South Africa. Confi-dent Agencies serve all disciplines of the Dental technology market, including Digital, Crown and Bridge, Prosthetics, Metal Partial Dentures, and Orthodontics. Marketing a comprehensive range of cutting-edge dental equipment, as well as some of the most stylish benching and chairs available. Our friendly Account managers come with extensive knowledge of all products used by laboratories, backed up by a team of fully trained Office Consultants on hand to help with any order requirements. In addition, Confi-dent Agencies has a dedicated servicing and repairs department to keep you up and running at all times.

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  • DDL Dental

    Visit DDL Dental at stand 36, 58, 59

    Company Information required and Confirm logo

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  • Dental Mech (Pty) Ltd

    Visit Dental Mech (Pty) Ltd at stand 35

    As the founder of Dental Mech Pty (Ltd), Willem Botha holds 100% shares in the company. He has been in the industry since 2004 and established Dental Mech in 2013. He knows most of the equipment and maintain, repair and import equipment from reliable and trusted manufacturers around the world. We have clients all around the country, Namibia, Botswana and are expanding in the rest of Africa. In addition to supplying, we offer specialised services in the form of technical support and maintenance of equipment. Technicians and support staff at Dental Mech are eager to assist each client with their unique requirements, solving problems in the most efficient and effective manner possible. We strive to keep our clients satisfied and are unafraid to push the boundaries to achieve this.

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  • Dental Protection

    Visit Dental Protection at stand 48

    We understand the ever-changing challenges faced by dental professionals and take our responsibility to members seriously. We’ll be by your side for every step of your career, from starting out as a student, right to retirement. With over 65 years of protecting South African dental professionals, we have the global stability and financial resilience to be by your side for a lifetime of support, even in the most uncertain times.

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  • Dentsply Sirona

    Visit Dentsply Sirona at stand 43

    For over a century, DENTSPLY and Sirona have set a global standard for dental manufacturing, technology development, digital treatment, and clinical education. Throughout our history, we’ve been at the forefront of innovation to improve and advance dentistry. Dentsply Sirona traces its roots to humble beginnings: DENTSPLY International was founded as a Dentists’ Supply Company in 1899 in New York City, and the company that became Sirona Dental Systems was founded in 1877 in Erlangen, Germany. Through our transformative merger in 2016, Dentsply Sirona has grown to become the world’s largest manufacturer of professional dental products and technologies, with approximately 16,000 employees, operations in more than 40 countries worldwide, and a sales presence in more than 120 countries. Throughout the last century, as separate companies, DENTSPLY and Sirona have each invested significantly in innovation, and new product development – from the first dental drill to the first reciprocating root canal file to, of course, the first chairside CAD/CAM system – and the broadest clinical education platform in the industry. Both companies recognized early on that the advantages of digitization are not in the individual device, but in the seamless interaction of hardware, software, and devices, creating an innovative solution for dental practitioners and dental patients. At the heart of Dentsply Sirona is our unwavering commitment to innovation. As a result, our impact is significant: every year, our products and solutions reach 600,000 dental professionals, who treat over 6,000,000 patients daily, which translates to a billion patients each year! Practitioners rely on the quality and clinical safety of our products and on our more than 100 years of experience. We are committed to continually earning the trust of dental professionals for the next 100 years.

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  • Equity Dental

    Visit Equity Dental at stand 22

    Equity Dental is a South African based company specializing in ZUMAX Magnification products. Require www details

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  • FTO Dental (Pty) Ltd

    Visit FTO Dental (Pty) Ltd at stand 40
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  • GC Dental

    VIsit GC Dental at stand 24

    GC was established in 1921 and consequently celebrated its 100th anniversary on the 11th of February 2021. Through decades of product innovation, research and development, and world-class manufacturing, GC has firmly entrenched its commitment to partnering with dental professionals and promoting oral health for all.

    GC has been recognized by both dentists and dental technicians alike as a provider of consistently, high-quality products that are easy to handle, as well as capable of delivering the highest service standards to our customers. Our dedication to dentistry continually results in product development that provides value to our customers.

    As a leading manufacturer of restoratives, GC has pioneered the development of cutting-edge materials over the last 50 years, and none more so than our new glass hybrid materials which can be a cost-effective solution to amalgam in many clinical situations, together with our revolutionary FRC (fibre reinforced composite) technology these materials are now offering the clinician optimum and outstanding performance for many clinical treatments.

    GC innovative products that have taken the market by storm include G-aenial Universal Injectable, G-CEM ONE self-adhesive resin cement, and the incredibly fracture-resistant everX Flow fibre reinforced composite.

    LiSi CAD/CAM pre-sintered Blocks are another innovation from GC.

    GC Europe YouTube Channel is a fountain of knowledge, showing high-resolution videos of our focus products.

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  • Genoa Underwriting Managers

    Visit Genoa Underwriting Managers at stand 53

    Established in 2005 and previously trading as Multiline Insurance Administrators (Pty) Ltd, Genoa Underwriting Managers was created out of necessity when we realized that a commercial opportunity existed in certain niche market Liability focus areas which were being underserviced. Genoa is responsible for the insurance needs of in excess of 6,000 practitioners and remains a proud member of SAUMA, The South African Underwriting Managers Association. SAUMA is the leading light in ensuring service excellence in the insurance industry. It was through the identification of niche areas that we have been able to build a sizeable Liability book of business and establish a trusted client base of top practitioners around the country. Through a partnership with Safire Insurance Company (FSP 2092), we have established ourselves as a leading niche-market, liability Underwriting Manager who is able to provide fast, efficient, and insurance-specific solutions for our diverse client base. Genoa’s head office is in Rosebank, Johannesburg with proposed expansions into Pretoria, Cape Town, and Port Elizabeth in the near future. There are no ivory towers at Genoa and you will find that our senior management team is hands-on, with the power and the skills to make informed decisions. We are always available when you need us to help put a solution in place. Our management team has in excess of 100 years of cumulative experience between them. We are solutions driven and firmly believe in going above and beyond to ensure that our client's needs are met.

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  • Henry Schein Dental Warehouse

    Visit Henry Schein Dental Warehouse at stand 23, 24, 25

    With a track record of 30 years, Henry Schein Dental Warehouse is a leading South African based distributor of high-quality dental consumables and equipment and services to dental professionals in private practice and state health facilities. In 2013 Henry Schein, a top Nasdaq-listed US-based multinational healthcare products provider, bought an interest in the family owned business. As a proud Henry Schein Company, we are able to provide a comprehensive range of Henry Schein private-label dental consumables. We service all dental professionals throughout South Africa, with our footprint extending throughout Southern Africa. Committed to service excellence, our staff are industry experts, trained to support our customers’ needs and act as trusted advisors and consultants. Our aim is to improve the health of dental practices, so that they, in turn, can improve the health of their patients.

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  • Inter-Africa Dental

    Visit Inter-Africa Dental at stand 1, 51, 54

    Company description required

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  • Istrodent (Pty) Ltd

    Visit Istrodent (Pty) Ltd at stand 3, 7

    Since 1989 Istrodent has successfully expanded to become one of Southern Africa’s leading dental equipment & consumables suppliers, due to our proven long-term commitment to high-quality products, technical expertise, and after-sales service. We are the sole distributor in Southern Africa for many world-class dental equipment manufacturers, this extensive and innovative equipment and consumable range caters to all the requirements of modern dental practice. Our specialists are available to visit any site in Africa, to assist in the design of your clinic and suggest the best equipment options. Our team also specializes in the manufacturing of a wide range of mobile clinics. We have designed and built medical, dental, and x-ray clinics into trailers, caravans, trucks, containers, and trains. Early in the 1990’s Colgate decided to donate mobile dental clinics to many of the provincial health departments, which started the ball rolling. There was a massive demand for mobile healthcare within South Africa and Istrodent was lucky enough to have a director that specialized in this area in the overseas market. The majority of the clinics have been dental, however, there are also mother and child units, medical, ophthalmologic, TB screening, Mammography, and Audiology, we have also done GP buses with multiple consultation rooms. In 1994 Istrodent played a crucial and instrumental role in the design, manufacture, and fitting of the Phelophepa train which was sponsored by Transnet. The dental coaches were subsidized by the Colgate – Palmolive foundation. The resounding success of the Phelophepa prompted the demand for a 2nd healthcare train a decade later. Both trains travel on a 2-year cycle visiting and educating school children, whilst assisting and treating a multitude of medical ailments within South African rural communities. Istrodent prides itself on offering top-quality brands and ensures that our technicians and sales team undergo extensive training in order to effectively deal with any questions the client may have.

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  • Ivodent Dental Supplies

    Visit Ivodent at stand 17, 18, 19

    Ivodent is one of South Africa’s most respected dental supply companies, serving clinical, digital and technical dentistry. Our mission is to add value to our customers by providing top quality specialist products, service and expertise. Ivodent was founded in 1998 by dental technician and entrepreneur, Gary Hockly. Today our dedicated team delivers a comprehensive range of superior products to more than 1 500 dentists and dental laboratories across Southern Africa. We are proud distributors of leading global and South African dental brands, including; Ivoclar Vivadent (Clinical, Technical & Digital), EMS, Garrison, LM Instruments, Medesy, RTD, Yeti Dental, Elexxion, Florida Probe, Salli chairs, Horico, EVE, Tekscan, Planmeca and PPE. Our consumer division - Ivohealth - supplies dental practices, pharmacies and major retailers with superior oral care brands including; Sunstar GUM, Philips Sonicare, Dentyl Dual Action, Olgani Naturals, Panasonic DentaCare, Aloclair, Thryve, Protefix and Letibalm. The friendly, knowledgeable Ivodent team is committed to adding value to you and your business. The team includes several dental professionals, who help us understand the challenges you face and enables us to provide superior technical support and solutions.

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  • Johnson & Johnson (Pty) Ltd

    Visit Johnson & Johnson (Pty) Ltd at stand 55, 56

    Johnson & Johnson (Pty) Ltd, the Consumer business in South Africa, launched its very first product – JOHNSON’S® Baby & Toilet Powder in this country in 1930. Over the years, generations of South Africans have trusted Johnson & Johnson to provide them with nurturing care, expert advice and a range of advanced products consistently adapted to meet the ever-changing needs of South Africa’s diverse consumer base. We’ve been proud citizens of South Africa for more than 86 years and we continue to touch the lives of millions of consumers, every day, with products that help them, and the people they care for, live healthy vibrant lives.

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  • Magnifident Holdings cc

    Visit Magnifident at stand 21, 33

    Company description required

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  • Megadent

    Visit Megadent at stand 20, 32

    Megadent proudly represents and are the Sole Distributors in Southern Africa for Megadenta, Horico, Larident, EVE, Dental Ventures of America, Megadental Italy-Fiber Site, and Carl Martin. Each Agency was selected for its excellent quality and high standards. We believe in supplying all our Agencies with full product ranges and being stock intensive. We strive to source products that are not only of high quality but are innovative, effective, and efficient, saving valuable time for the user and maintaining patient satisfaction. Ralf Schulz encourages constant growth and education in the Dental Industry. Therefore may deal directly with all Universities and learning institutions, as well as directly with their students, until qualified. We encourage Doctors and Dental Technicians to visit Megadent and physically go through our stores and choose their products from our extensive range, or they can just shop online. All purchases will then be invoiced and delivered through the Dealer of their choice. Megadent is dedicated to keeping up with changing trends within the industry and keeping our Dealers informed on product information. We are committed to offering superior and personalized service.

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  • Nedbank

    Visit Nedbank at stand 4

    We’re here to bring your life goals closer and always will be... Because we take your money choices as seriously as you do. #SeeNedbankDifferently

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  • Nicorette

    Visit Nicorette at stand

    Description required

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  • Orthoemporium

    Visit Orthoemporium at stand 52

    Orthoemporium is an Orthodontic and Dental supply company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We import and distribute quality products and are the exclusive distributor of products from many of the most trusted orthodontic and dental companies in the world.

    Orthoemporium is committed to supplying novel and innovative technologies to the South African Orthodontic and Dental profession and together with our international partners, we have successfully introduced many cutting-edge appliances and products to practitioners /doctors all over Southern Africa.

    We have also successfully hosted many congresses where international speakers have shared their expertise with local practitioners.

    Orthoemporium is driven by our commitment to provide quality customer care through our knowledgeable sales and support team.

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  • Prime Dental Corporation

    Visit Prime Dental at stand 26

    Prime Dental is a family-run business with an ongoing focus to bring the best in global oral care brands to Southern Africa. With over 25 years of experience in supplying premium oral care brands and professional materials to dental professionals, customer-centric service is at the core of our success. Prime Dental also supplies our extensive range of oral hygiene products for personal use via our network of pharmacies, and retail pharmacy stores throughout South Africa. We are committed to bringing you the best quality, value, and widest variety of professional oral care brands from around the world.

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  • SciVision Medical

    Visit SciVision at stand 41, 42, 44, 45

    SciVision Medical is a medical supply company dedicated to sourcing the best and most innovative technologies, particularly in Dental, Veterinary, and Specialist Medical fields (e.g. ENT, Plastic Surgeon, Gynecologist, etc.). Specializing in the sale and service of medical and dental equipment, we focus on education, training, and backup service to ensure the best return on your investment in your particular technology. SciVision's roots are proudly South African. Our success and commitment to education led to an opportunity to open an office in the Nordic region, with a Nordic head office now in Copenhagen. With the original team starting in 1995, well-trained and enthusiastic individuals make up Team SciVision. With this in mind and along with world-class brands, SciVision Medical is set to continually add value to the medical and dental industries and be a leader in the provision of technology to the South African and now Nordic markets. Our main focus is on Lasers and X-rays, with leading manufacturing partners being BIOLASE (USA) and Vatech (Korea). Our other product ranges that complement smart practice for fully integrated dental surgery are Microscopes from Labomed (The Netherlands) and Loupes coming soon from Bryant Dental (UK), Dental Chairs / Delivery Systems by Ancar (Barcelona), Salli Saddle Chairs (Finland), Endodontic Equipment such as Endo Motors and Apex Locators and more which can be found at SciVision also provides ‘turn-key’ projects, managing the provision of infrastructure for the establishment of an entire dental clinic – from assisting with the design to managing essential services integration for the installation of our dental technology. Our technical and support teams have received advanced training at the international supply factories.

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  • Southern Implants (Pty) Ltd

    Visit Southern Implants (Pty) Ltd at stand 57

    Description required

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  • Specialized Dental Solutions t/a OsstemSA Implant

    Visit Specialized Dental Solutions t/a OsstemSA Implant Solutions at stand 39

    Leading the field of dental implants worldwide, Osstem Implant’s R&D Centre developed various new products including TSII, TSIV, CAS & LAS Kits and Ultra Wide System.

    The R&D Centre seeks to develop customer-orientated products on a continuous basis while further improving product reliability.

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  • Trojan Medical (Pty) Ltd

    Visit Trojan Medical (Pty) Ltd at stand 8

    Trojan Medical (Pty) Ltd is a group of companies providing a range of healthcare advisory and management services to providers and facilities. The Group has extensive expertise in all aspects of International Healthcare and we believe that our array of services and our track record speaks for itself. The company offers a comprehensive package of services for clients wishing to build and equip high-quality healthcare facilities and services anywhere in Africa. Our insights and experience are drawn from over twenty-five years of collaboration in the private healthcare sector and with government health agencies, in finding innovative solutions for the health challenges facing companies worldwide. For more than twenty-five years now, Trojan Medical (Pty) Ltd Consultants have assisted clients with developing healthcare facilities, evaluating acquisition opportunities, and managing healthcare facilities.

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  • Waterpik

    Visit Waterpik at stand 9

    Brushing is not enough, use a water flosser supplied by WaterPik®. Clinical research has shown that the Waterpik® Water Flosser is a more effective way to floss. Water flossing is fast and easy, leaving your mouth with cleaner teeth and healthier gums. Best of all, it only takes a minute a day before brushing. The easy and more effective way to floss!™ Its patented pulsating action removes plaque and debris from hard-to-reach areas deep between teeth and below the gumline where traditional brushing and flossing can’t reach. This makes the Waterpik® water flosser ideal for implants and essential for braces for superior plaque removal.

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Bronze Partner
  • Axim

    Visit Axim at stand 10

    AXIM, importers and distributors of dental equipment and consumables was founded in 1998. Committed to service excellence, our staff are industry experts, trained to support our customers’ needs, and act as trusted advisors and consultants. Our aim is to improve the health of dental practices, so that they, in turn, can improve the health of their patients. Our reputation for keeping abreast of the latest technologies, coupled with personalized service, has been our success. AXIM employs more than 370 personnel and has fully equipped service departments and trained engineers to ensure all products are serviced and repaired. Products encompass the full range of dental equipment and consumables that are distributed nationally and exported to sub-equatorial Africa.

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  • Commonwealth Finance SA (Pty) Ltd t/a Medfin

    Visit Commonwealth Finance SA (Pty) Ltd t/a Medfin at stand 7

    Description required

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  • DHB Services

    Visit DHB Services at stand 5

    Description required

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  • Durr Dental South Africa

    Visit Durr Dental South Africa at stand 12

    Description required

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  • Envista Holdings Corporation

    Visit Envista at stand 2

    Envista is a global family of more than 30 trusted dental brands, united by a shared purpose: to partner with professionals to improve lives. Envista helps its partners deliver the best possible patient care through industry-leading products, solutions, and technology. Our comprehensive portfolio, including dental implants and treatment options, orthodontics, and digital imaging technologies, covers an estimated 90% of dentists' clinical needs for diagnosing, treating, and preventing dental conditions as well as improving the human smile.

    With a foundation comprised of the proven Envista Business System (EBS) methodology, an experienced leadership team, and a strong culture grounded in customer centricity, innovation, respect, continuous improvement, and leadership, Envista is well-equipped to meet the end-to-end needs of dental professionals worldwide. Envista is one of the largest global dental products companies, with significant market positions in some of the industry's most attractive segments.

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  • Eversmile South Africa (Pty) Ltd

    Visit Eversmile South Africa (Pty) Ltd at stand 8

    Founded in 2013 by Dr. Michael Florman, DDS and Camilo Triana, EverSmile, Inc. is a leading innovator in the oral care and orthodontic consumer packaged goods market. In 2013 Dr. Florman wanted to answer his patients’ most common question: “How do I keep my aligners clean and fresh?” By using advanced anionic hydrogen peroxide technology, Dr. Florman not only answered his patients’ questions but also introduced a patented method of application that provided cleanliness, freshness, and teeth whitening to aligner patients. Today, EverSmile is a globally recognized brand selling products in the US, Europe, India, Australia, and now South Africa. With a dedication to providing innovation and science to every smile!

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  • International Team for Implantology

    Visit International Team for Implantology at stand

    Description required

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  • MedeQuip Dynamic Surgical Supplies

    Visit MedeQuip Dynamic Surgical Supplies at stand 11

    Established back in 1980 we supply medical equipment and solutions to the private and public sectors in Southern Africa through our dedicated sales force and appointed agents. We strive for excellence through the application of our extensive knowledge and experience in the medical arena. We strive to deliver only the highest quality equipment and services to our customers which will ensure a high return on investment for our customers. We specialize in Medical Capital equipment and disposables for the private sector and to the state. Our company is managed and structured to achieve trustworthy and effective results, even for the most challenging customer requirements. This we believe forms the foundation for mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships and will ensure that we reach our goal of adding value to our clients. We endeavour to exceed our client’s expectations with the solutions we provide. We aim to price our solutions and services competitively and deliver products timeously to our customers.

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  • MediCoop CFI

    Visit MediCoop CFI at stand 6

    Our Vision is to be the leading medical cooperative financial institution in South Africa, owned and controlled by medical professionals based on cooperative principles. The vision implies an institution whereby capital and cash flows are mobilized from members within the medical profession and outside sources for reinvestment in the healthcare industry through the deployment of physical, human, and social capital. Finance for healthcare and medical professionals. MediCoop membership and shareholding are limited to healthcare professionals, their associates, and medical businesses. We have a simple product portfolio focusing on investments, savings, term deposits, medical equipment leasing, practice, and structured finance.We use our profits to offer members better rates and lower fees. MediCoop takes a very different approach. Without the overhead and high operational costs, MediCoop is able to pass considerable savings on to our members, allowing them to save. Encouraging savings by providing a means whereby such investments and savings may receive an attractive rate of return. Investing in healthcare projects, technologies, and business opportunities in South Africa.

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  • Orthosense Orthodontics Supplies

    Visit Orthosense Orthodontics Supplies at stand 1

    Our company is committed to providing your practice with quality products at a fair price while delivering the utmost in customer service! OrthoSense strives to provide complete customer satisfaction with every interaction. By doing this, our goal is to ensure a long-lasting and trusted relationship with every customer. When you choose OrthoSense, you are choosing a company that has made a tremendous commitment to market products that are of the highest quality. OrthoSense - The Sensible Choice

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  • Orthoshop International

    Visit Orthoshop International at stand 3

    Orthoshop offers a complete range of orthodontic supplies for your practice, such as brackets, archwires, buccal tubes, auxiliaries, elastomers, waxes, impression trays, and bonding products. We pride ourselves on great customer service and efficient order turnaround time. This has resulted in the explosive growth of the company and we remain at the cutting edge of quality, service, and value. “A customer is the most important visitor on our premises, he is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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  • Osseo Medical

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    Osseo Medical was established in 2017 as a dental and medical device distribution company with a specific focus on Dental Implantology ensuring quality products and service at prices to rival the biggest companies in the market. We are based in Sandton, Johannesburg South Africa. Our flagship brand is Adin Dental Implant Systems. We also have a portfolio of complementary products such as ISQ device from Penguin, synthetic bone regenerative material, and surgical irrigation lines for most types of surgical motors on the market including NSK, W&H to name a few and we are sustainably adding to this niche specialised portfolio.

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CTICC 2 (Cape Town International Convention Centre 2), Cape Town

Corner of Heerengracht & Rua Bartholomeu Dias, Foreshore, Cape Town, 8001
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

If you have any questions please contact Marilize Janse van Rensburg

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Postal Address: Private Bag 1,Houghton, 2041, Gauteng, South Africa

Physical Address: 31 Princess of Wales Terrace, Parktown, 2193, Gauteng, South Africa



Telephone: +27 11 484 5288

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Mrs Marilize Janse van Rensburg – Manager: Events


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Mr Tshepo Moletsane – Events Administrator